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    I have a conflict with this plugin overriding (and not displaying) settings pages for plugins (it won’t add them and instead displays Hide_My_WP). When I attempted to add a redirect via Replace Tools, I got completely locked out of my site (it deleted WordPress Rules in .htaccess). Even when attempting to disable write permissions or replace .htaccess, I cannot access any pages on the site.

    As such, I am needing to know how to manually remove this plugin completely.

    Its already removed from .htaccess, and I followed comments on plugin site for removing it from db, however, its still on my site.

    What does it take to completely remove this plugin?

    Suman M.
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    In “wp_options” table in your database, delete the rows with following “option_name”. (Please backup your database first. )
    – hide_my_wp
    – hide_my_wp_undo
    – hmwp_ids_installed
    – hmw_all_plugins
    – external_updates-hide_my_wp
    – hmwp_spam_counter
    – hmwp_temp_admin_path

    – comment out or remove following line from wp-config.php if you have renamed wp-admin path name.

    – if still the issue then try renaming “hide_my_wp” plugin folder in /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

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    Working on trying the last part of the config file now. I had already commented it out and did everything else. Now I am removing it from there. . . tried but failed to remove it. Hide my WP is still messing with the admin side menu links (as described). I’ve tried running search and replace on the DB as well – still got nothing.

    Suman M.
    Post count: 9729

    Can you please click on “reset settings to wp” button in HMWP settings and then apply “Medium privacy more compatibility” settings scheme from Start tab? If the admin side menu works fine then try renaming wp-admin path name and see if the issue occurs. Let us know the result.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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