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    So i tried all – from deleting the .htaccess to reinstalling the Plugin. The problem is that the plugin HMWP is storing data somewhere. And I don’t know where… I looked in my DB but I found completly nothing. It looks like it get’s configurations from the latest install. But i want a clean reinstall. The problem ist that i changed the wp-admin folder but got no messages to follow. So i didn’t add something in my wp-config or something similiar. I just want to make all changes to default – but there is no chance! Everytime i want to login in my backend the plugin will add this customtag for the admin folder (But there’s nothing left in the .htaccess from the plugin, so where it gets his information about that…??)

    Can you please help me with this one? I don’t know where i have to delete things to get things working. Btw: When I rename the plugin folder it gets disabled, and everything is working fine.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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