Quick Fix Guide

Because of the nature of WordPress 100% compatibility is not always possible. But in most cases it’s easy to use all plugins together with some changes in configurations.

  • Make sure you have a writable htaccess file (if you use Apache) or configured your web server manually (if you use Nginx or enabled multi-site). This is a must. Follow installation guide for more details.
  • Disable features that have an asterisk(*) in their names or use a more compatible settings scheme.
  • If you see some plugins related info in source code use Replace in HTML feature to remove them.
  • If you get 404 page make sure you didn’t disable or hide require WP component before!

If you still have issue(s) and you are sure that it is caused by HMWP, please raise a support ticket at support.wpwave.com and provide debug report or login details (if possible).

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