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    Dear Support,

    Firstly, well done on a great plugin. It appears to work right out of the box with the Medium Privacy – More Compatibility scheme enabled which is fantastic.

    I have a couple of question that I would like to get some more information on:

    1. What exactly does the ‘Full Hide’ mode option do that’s found on the General Settings tab? Does this option automatically get enabled when you select the ‘High Privacy’ scheme and if so, what added privacy/security features doe Full Hide mode enable?

    2. Please explain what happens when enabling the ‘Rename Plugins’ feature found in the Permalinks & URLs tab? Does it physically rename the plugin folders OR does it purely mask somehow? (as much info as possible please)

    3. Please explain what the ‘Auto Configuration’ feature for hiding popular plugins, found on the Replace Tools tab does? How does this differ from the ‘Rename Plugins’ option as per questions 2 above.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Furthermore, could you please also explain the ‘Enable REST API, Enable Authors URL…. etc..’ options found in the permalinks tab?

    If I select the ‘Disable REST API’ option, does this in fact disable the wordpress REST API completely or just the way your plugin interacts with it? (same question obviously applies to the other options available within this section).

    Many thanks.

    Suman M.
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    Hi, thanks!

    1) Full hide mode makes it more difficult for the CMS finder tools to detect wordpress. Yes, it is enabled in High Privacy scheme.

    2) It will rename the plugins to something like af4kh5jf. HMWP makes use of rewrite rules and doesn’t rename any files/folders physically.

    3) It will remove/rename text or comments added by some popular plugins (e.g. Yoast seo)

    – You can enable/disable REST API using the API option. If you disable this option then it’ll completely disable REST API.

    Please check the documentation for more details – https://support.wpwave.com/documentation/hide-my-wp

    Post count: 66

    Thanks Suman, appreciate the reply.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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