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    I am trying to setup SSL on my blog and thought to use really simple ssl. Eventually after installing really simple ssl, I got kicked out of the admin dashboard and kept getting 404 page not found while trying to login. So far my observations:

    1. Deleted really simple ssl.
    2. Had to disable hide my wordpress using FTP and was able to login in admin dashboard.
    3. I did manage to reactive the plugin after logging into the Dashboard and reset the complete wp settings but it actually is not making any difference.
    4. I am assuming something has broken due to this which is now not allowing me to login with hide my wordpress enabled on my blog. (If I disable the plugin I am able to login just fine.)

    Now I would either get 404 page not found error or the login page will just refresh despite of enter the right credentials in the first attempt and the seconds attempt will login to dashboard.

    Awaiting response with some assistance.

    To reproduce the error, just activate the plugin and try logging with into config mode on browser.


    Suman M.
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    Hi, I checked it and login is successful only in second attempt. Also, HMWP is deactivated and hence the login issue shall not be related to HMWP pugin. I see that the login path is renamed to /login, so there could be issue there, or some other issue.

    Also I see that the site is still not fully secured via https – https://www.screencast.com/t/YjOviAIb

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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