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    Dear support,

    I noticed an issue with the new version of the plugin (6.0) which now has an issue when trying to change the wp-admin path. This worked in previous versions of the plugin, not in v6.

    The problem is as follows:
    – Upon changing the wp-admin path and clicking save (as an example I’ll use admin123 as the new path), the dashboard is supposed to redirect to a page that instructs you on what changes need to be made in the wp-config.php file however instead, it produces an WP error page stating that access to this page is not permitted.

    – At this point, wp-admin access cannot be reestablished without resetting HMWP however this again can’t be done via the dashboard.

    – Because I’ve done this before, I manually added the below entry into the wp-config.php file and saved it. This then allowed me to visit any 404 page on the site after being logged in, and then manually changing the URL to wp-admin. (Note that the previously saved wp-admin path was not accepted, however I still needed to add it to wp-config.php to regain access which is completely counter-intuitive)

    Line added to wp-config: define(“ADMIN_COOKIE_PATH”, “/admin123”);

    – After regaining access to wp-admin using the path /wp-admin, I could then reset HMWP and comment out the above wp-config parameter, which then brought everything back to normal.

    Note that I tried this on a few deployments, all with clean HMWP installs and they all had the same issue.

    I won’t b able to provide login details so please help provide thorough troubleshooting steps to help identify the issue.

    Many thanks.

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    Hi Suman, one more thing, looking at the new dashboard I can see a few issues – one of which says that the plugin cannot write to the htaccess file.

    I can validate that this is incorrect because when I make changes in the plugin rewrite rules, I can see them being added to the htaccess file by the plugin.

    Why is this error being displayed (see screenshot)?

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    Suman M.
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    Hi, thanks for contacting us. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. We’ve put these issues in priority list and I’ll get back to you on this.

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    Hi Suman,

    Any updates on this?

    Suman M.
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    Hi, we’ve released HMWP version 6.0.1. Please update to this latest version and let us know if any issue. Thanks!

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