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    Suman M.
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    This reply has been marked as private.
    Suman M.
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    Hi, with “medium privacy more compatibility” settings in place I’m sure there was no error logged (I did check it for sometime & no errors were being logged). I recommend you to apply HMWP settings from scratch, first apply “medium privacy more compatibility” settings and then enable “customized htaccess” and apply other settings one at a time, and see if there’s error in any case.
    And regarding isitwp.com detecting wordpress, it’s because of presence of wordpress footprints in the site’s page source. I have not looked into it for you as other issues are still not resolved.

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    Hi thanks for reply.

    But sorry that i must ask you, if you have read my post and explanations above ?
    I don’t think so ….

    A short summary of last post:

    with “medium privacy more compatibility” settings

    correct the error from Avada is not there in logs


    without “Customized htaccess” setting applied (what i have done, after your login/try to resolve) – front-end has 500 errors at language changes as well in 2nd language – because HMWP makes wrong storage/changes to .htaccess

    this WPML conflict with HMWP was reported to you at 12. June – since this time, no resolve

    with this setting applied, what i must do – without, page is not usable -> the error logs are full again

    isitwp.com detect not only wordpress also the other plugins, because with the “medium privacy more compatibility” settings, they are not hidden in source code

    And with this i would like to also remind you about the still open issue/bug with Avada/wpml too – http://support.wpwave.com/forums/topic/avada-does-not-save-with-admin-wp-changed

    this is open since 19. March

    Please tell me, if you could resolve this problems/conflicts of HMWP & Avada + WMPL
    —- if not, it’s ok for me,
    we will do an refund via Envato & for me it’s done

    i will also give no bad reviews about HMWP – but in the meantime it has taken me to much time with the bugs & conflicts with HMWP in use


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    Suman M.
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    Hi, it seems like the issue persists in your site while using HMWP along with Avada, WPML. We did try to find the root cause of the issue but unfortunately we couldn’t in this case. We checked in our test sites and we’ve no such issues there. We do appreciate your patience and value your time. We would recommend you to apply for the refund via your Envato panel. Thanks for your understanding!

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    I have again played around at office some hours today, to find a combination of settings, where no errors will be caused, but not succesfully …

    As mentioned no problem at all – some plugins & themes have conflicts in some combination

    I have insert the refund request to Envato & got an email that it is forward to you for reconfirm

    Thanks & regards

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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