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    bang shin chul
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    When can I get a reply?

    bang shin chul
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    I have been waiting to your reply since yesterday.
    but You guys do not seem to mind at all.

    This is all I’m wondering.

    1. Bitnami How did you set up your server in WordPress?

    2. Support for WPML?

    3. Support Feed Them Social?

    4. Support for social login?

    I did not check the WPML, but the Feed Them Social and Social Login features were completely broken.

    I really want to trust you guys, but I want you to cooperate with me so I can trust you.

    In addition, it is support mail from ‘Feed Them Social’.

    Honestly, I’m not sure there is a whole lot we can do if the other plugin is altering file locations. Can you show me what the file paths are being changed too?


    Please tell me how I do to best respond to them.

    Thank you.
    Best Regards,

    Vikas Singhal
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    Dear customer, after many tried we are unable to solve your issue. It seems to be specific to the installation, we have taken note of this situation and asked our development team to test further.

    I will suggest you to raise a refund request from your Envato account and we will be happy to refund.

    bang shin chul
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    Dear technicians of Hide My Wp
    I’m Sungho Kim as a cmo of monasventana which purchased your plugin(Hide My Wp.)
    I’ve got your text and message from my team.

    Actually I heard about your plugin for helping more security our site form my friend and also ordered my IT Team for setting your system for my commerce site.

    I knew that the situation was hurry myself so we look like to make a bit bother to you.
    If we did that I’m on behalf of my team to say “sorry”.

    By the way I heard about that you used the AWS server to apply you guy’s plugin to Bitnami wordpress and show it to us.
    We deeply wanna know ‘how to have you solved it’.

    So we are not asking you to refund. We just wanna know the solution to fix my site’s errors.
    Furthermore we’re asking if your plugin can support the ‘Social Login plugin’ and the ‘Feed Them Social plugin’?

    Please hope to understand my situation and I wanna get your feedback asap.

    Best regards,

    Suman M.
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    Hi, regarding Bitnami wordpress, Vikas will get back to you.

    Regarding ‘Social Login plugin’ and ‘Feed Them Social plugin’ plugins, can you please let me know what exactly is the issue you are having?
    Also, please try these:

    – disable “Anti Spam” option in HMWP General settings tab
    – disable “Directory List” option in General settings tab
    – disable “Hide PHP Files” option in General settings tab
    – empty out “Ajax URL” field in Permalinks & URLs tab

    – if above doesn’t fix the issue then try disabling IDS option in IDS Firewall tab

    bang shin chul
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    Dear Suman.

    Thanks for your response.
    I changed the settings as you taught me, and the Social Login error has been fixed!
    Thank you so much.

    Best regards,

    Suman M.
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    Hi, good to know that it’s working now. Are you having any other issue with HMWP plugin now?

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