This video helps you to configure Hide My WP 5.1+ on WPEngine using a pre-made settings scheme. You need to use WPEngine Panel (Rewrite Rules) and enter HMWP settings line by line. Note that you may need to update WPE settings after changing settings or activating new plugin or theme.

You can find HMWP settings here:



  • The order of rules are important.
  • WPEnigne doesn’t support full hide mode at this moment.
  • If you enabled IDS exclude these 4 items (below).


This video helps installing Hide My WP on an Nginx server. Please note you need root access or at least a permission to edit Nginx config files. In this tutorial we use FTP to edit server files you can use it or SSH. This is a sample code for SSH:

[..enter password..]
nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/default
[..do edit..]
service nginx restart

Setup Hide My WP for a Multisite WordPress website (Apache web server). We used a simple FTP extension, you can use CPanel file manger or which was provided by your hosting company.

Configure Hide My WP to change wp-admin to myadmin (or anything else). It was assumed you use Apache with a writable htaccess file which is the most common type of web server so we ignored manual configuration (i.e. Step 1).

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